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3 ways to do a Self-Rescue

3 ways to do a self-rescue

Self rescue is something all Kiters should know how to do. It can save your life if something were to happen. Continue reading as we go over the 3 ways to do a self-rescue.

First of all, you need to assess the situation you are in. If your kite has come down and you don't want it going back up you need to release your self. Your leash will still be attached but your kite will only be on the one line. Wrap your lines up in the quickest way possible if you are in danger, leaving out the leash line. 

Work out which way the wind is going as you will need to use the appropriate self-rescue method depending on the wind direction. 

1. On-Shore Winds. 

If you are doing a self-rescue in on-shore winds. Once you have wrapped your lines up swim over to your kite. Hold on to the leading edge's handle (if your kite has them) or to the lines. Then lean over to grab the handle or lines on the other side to form a C. Sit on the bottom of the C shape holding the other edge above your head and you will just sail back into the shore.

2. Off-Shore Winds. 

Off-Shore winds can be very dangerous so you want to do this is the quickest way possible. Wrap up your lines and swim out to your kite. Let down the air in the leading edge. NOT the struts as this will be your flotation device. Make sure no water gets into the bladder as you are letting the air out as this may cause damage to your kite. Roll the kite up and swim to shore. 

3. No-Wind. 

If you are needing to get back to the beach the easiest way possible in a no-wind situation. Wrap your lines up, swim out to your kite. Get on your kite from the edge and make your way into the middle. You may want to turn your spreader around for this (if you have time) to not cause potential damage to your kite. Once you are in the middle of your kite. Put your arms over the leading edge and swim back to shore. 

Hopefully you won't need to use any of these, but it is good to know how to if the wind takes a sudden turn or you need to get out of the water.

No matter what situation you are in, stay safe out there! 




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